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ROLLING STONES ON VIDEO: Bill Wyman announces he’s leaving the Stones, TV 1993

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Bill Wyman leaves the Rolling Stones (1993)
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‘London Tonight’ (UK TV)
In an interview with Matthew Lorenzo, Bill Wyman officially announces he is officially quitting the Stones, Jan. 6 1993
“I really don’t want to do it anymore. I have many special memories. It’s been wonderful. But I thought the last two tours with them were the best we have ever done, so I was quite happy to stop after that. When I joined this band, we thought we would last two or three years with a bit of luck and come out with a few shillings in our pockets. Now, here I am 30 years later, and I haven’t done any of the other important things in life.”

rom Rolling Stone magazine:
After years of rumors maintaining that his departure was imminent, it appears that bassist Bill Wyman has officially left the Rolling Stones. His exit marks the first change in the Stones’ lineup since guitarist Ron Wood replaced Mick Taylor in 1975 and breaks up the fabled Wyman-Charlie Watts rhythm section, which has powered the world’s most famous band for thirty years.
Though Wyman himself has not yet made any statement confirming or denying such a decision, Mick Jagger sounded definitive when he announced the move in a December 3rd interview with MTV Europe.
“Bill has decided he doesn’t want to carry on,” said Jagger. “For whatever reasons — you’d have to ask him why. I don’t think it will really faze us too much. We’ll miss Bill, but we’ll get someone good.” (Ref. bill wyman leaves)

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