ROLLING STONES ON VIDEO: The Stones in Warsaw, Poland 1967 (TV documentary)

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Documentary video of The Rolling Stones in Warsaw, Poland 1967…
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The Stones in Warsaw, Poland 1967 (Polska Kronika Filmowa TV documentary, April 13 1967)


From HistoryExtra:
Paweł Brodowsky, a Polish musician and journalist, was in the audience when the Rolling Stones played in Warsaw on 13 April 1967 – an epochal event that brought the popular culture of western Europe face to face with the rock-hungry youth of the east. Held in the congress hall of the Stalinist skyscraper known as the Palace of Culture and Science, the gig provoked wild scenes inside the venue and near riots outside it, where the police used water cannon to disperse ticketless crowds. The Rolling Stones were not invited back to eastern Europe until after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

From Wikipedia:
The Rolling Stones’ 1967 European Tour was a concert tour by the band to promote their new album Between the Buttons and new singles “Let’s Spend the Night Together” and “Ruby Tuesday”.
The tour commenced on 25 March and concluded on 17 April 1967. It was the last Rolling Stones concert tour to include Brian Jones, who initially formed and named the band.
This tour would also be one of the first times a rock band from Western Europe performed in Eastern Europe, when on 13 April, they played two shows at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. The people who did attend were told to behave accordingly during the concert or they would be removed from the venue, however, a riot started. Visiting Soviet officials were not pleased by the Rolling Stones performance and it would be a long while before the Stones would return to the Eastern Bloc nations. (Ref: rolling stones video warsaw 1967)
“They thought the show was so awful, so decadent, that they said this would never happen in Moscow”—Mick Jagger.

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