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ROLLING STONES YESTERDAY’S PAPERS: “Our EP, the inside story” (1964)

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“Our EP, the inside story”
*From Record Mirror, England, Aug. 22 1964

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rolling stones our ep press record mirror 1964

On August 14th 1964 the Stones released “Five By Five”, an EP that would later become a significant milestone in their early career. This EP marked their first foray into the world of extended play recordings and showcased their emerging sound and style.

Featuring eventually five tracks, “Five By Five” unveiled a blend of blues, rock, and a touch of the band’s signature rebellious spirit. The title track itself captured the essence of the times, exploring themes of heartbreak and the fleeting nature of relationships. Mick Jagger’s charismatic vocals and Keith Richards’ captivating guitar riffs added a captivating layer to the overall musical experience. But it was not just the music that made “Five By Five” special.

The EP also provided fans with a glimpse into the band’s journey and artistic vision. The inside story behind its creation shed light on the relentless dedication and creative camaraderie shared by the band members. As the Stones navigated the ever-changing music industry landscape, “Five By Five” became a testament to their evolving artistry and growing fanbase. It provided a snapshot of a pivotal moment in their career, a stepping stone towards greater success and acclaim.

To this day, “Five By Five” remains a cherished piece of The Rolling Stones’ discography, appreciated by both long-time fans and new listeners alike. It serves as a reminder of the band’s enduring impact and their ability to transcend time and trends.