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The Rolling Stones: From ‘Blessed Poison’ to ‘Bridges to Babylon’

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‘Blessed Poison’, working title of the Bridges to Babylon album…

Working title of what later was the Bridges to Babylon album, as originally told by Charlie Watts in an interview. A 2-CD set bootleg recording featuring the Anaheim 1999 concert finally received the former working title of the album.

Mick Jagger (2003): “We didn’t have a title for the tour until we’d built the (bridge) model and I asked Tom Stoppard to come and look at it and to give his opinion as somebody from outside the rock world. It’s funny how people can come in from other parts of theatre, take a look at something that you’ve been looking at for weeks and go You shouldn’t have that thing in there. Tom started to talk about Babylon and came up with a number of incredibly long titles. I shortened one and ended up with the Bridges to Babylon title for the tour and the album.” (Ref. blessed poison)

rolling stones blessed poison bridges to babylon 1997