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ROLLING STONES DATA: ‘The Adventures of Valentine Vox the Ventriloquist’ – Mick Jagger’s Brother Shines Solo

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The Adventures of Valentine Vox the Ventriloquist
Third solo album by Chris Jagger (Mick’s brother) released in 1974 and featuring Dave Edmunds, Peter Frampton, Micky Waller and Chris Stainton, among others. However all Stones remained unturned for this effort.


mick chris jagger the adventures of valentine vox album 1974

From allmusic:
Valentine Vox mines much of the same territory that Chris Jagger’s debut LP did. A mix of uptempo rockers, such as the ridiculously tongue-in-cheek “Private Dick,” and country-influenced ballads (“River of Love”) form the bulk of the album. With barrelhouse piano added by John Mealing, the music highlights the younger Jagger’s ability to write raucous bar-room sing-alongs. And his singing voice is perfectly suited to the material. Though the album is not strong enough to go multi-platinum by any stretch of the imagination, it is a puzzle as to why Chris Jagger and Valentine Vox weren’t able to break into the mainstream of rock.

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