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The Meeting of Legends: Little Boy Blue, Elmo Lewis, and the Birth of The Rolling Stones

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Jazz News ad, 1962
On April 7, 1962, Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys (including a very young Mick Jagger and a very young Keith Richard) travel to the Ealing Club to see Alexis Korner’s Blues incorporated, where they meet and chat for the first time with Elmo Lewis (Brian Jones), who had sat in with the band and impressed everyone with his slide guitar playing. This is the advert from the April 4th edition of Jazz News advertising the gig.


rolling stones jazz news ad 1962

In the annals of rock history, certain moments will forever stand out as pivotal. One such moment was the fateful meeting between Mick Jagger (aka Little Boy Blue) and Brian Jones (aka Elmo Lewis), which ended up leading to the birth of The Rolling Stones. It was a convergence of talent, creativity, and the beginning of a musical revolution.

“Little Boy Blue”, a young and aspiring musician, possessed an incredible talent for playing the harmonica. His soulful melodies could captivate any audience, and his bluesy style had an unmistakable charm. “Elmo Lewis”, on the other hand, was an exceptional guitarist with a penchant for blues and rhythm. Together, their musical genius was undeniable.

It was on a sultry summer night in London when fate intervened. Little Boy Blue and Elmo Lewis found themselves at a local pub, where an impromptu jam session was about to take place.

As the night progressed, the pure magic of music filled the air. Elmo Lewis took center stage, harmonica wailing and guitar strumming in perfect harmony.

Recognizing the potential for something extraordinary, a bond was formed. Little Boy Blue and Keith Richard (no nickname) united, fuelled by their shared love for the blues and a burning desire to create something new. And thus, The Rolling Stones were born.

From that moment on, their journey into the music industry would be nothing short of legendary. They would go on to redefine rock and roll, shaping its very essence with their electrifying performances and timeless hits. The Rolling Stones became the embodiment of rebellion, freedom, and the spirit of rock music. It was the spark that ignited a fire, leading to the creation of one of the most influential bands of all time. As we look back on this iconic moment, we are reminded of the power of collaboration.