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Rice Krispies jingle 1964

“Wake up in the morning there’s a snap around the place…”
Feb. 6, 1964: The Stones record ‘Wake Up In The Morning’, a TV jingle for Kellog’s Rice Krispies cereal (aka ‘Rice Krispies Jingle’), written by Brian and one J. Walter Thompson, at Pye Studios, London. First aired on British TV on June that year.

Even for the most fervently anti-capitalist bands, the music industry always remains a conflict between pure art and the nastiest forms of commercial exploitation. Even organizations that don’t get criticized for “selling out” will frequently secretly write, perform, and sell the rights to a few jingles to raise money for food, or to keep the lights on (just consider Jack White’s Coca-Cola commercial or 1990s alternative-darlings Bis performing the Powerpuff Girls cartoon’s theme song, for instance) Many bands view it as a necessary evil, and before the Internet, where nothing truly died, they could be sure that fans would either never see them in the first place or would simply forget about them.

In fact, at the time Ban underarm deodorant hired Iron Butterfly to perform in one of their incredibly bizarre commercials. And then even the Rolling Stones participated in advertisements. The band’s distinct sound can be heard in a 1960s-era commercial for Rice Krispies cereal in a video that gained popularity in August 2016, but has actually been lurking in the internet for many of years.

The parent company of Rice Krispies, Kellogg’s, confirmed that the advertisement is in fact from 1964 and not a sophisticated modern-day hoax. The Stones were already well-known in the UK in 1964, but they hadn’t yet attained the enormous popularity in the US that would come with the release of the single “Satisfaction” the following year. As a result, the Rice Krispies jingle—written by founding member Brian Jones—was not broadcast in the U.S. and lingered until it was made available online decades later, largely unwatched by audiences outside of the UK.

The song was composed with Brian with J. Walter Thompsonand recorded at Star Sound Studfios (or Pye Studios) or Pye Studios on Feb. 6 1964. Produced by Jonathan Rolland, with sound engineer Glyn Johns. The 26-second commercial features the words “Snap,” “Crackle,” and “Pop” as someone pours milk into a bowl of the cereal. The commercial was first aired on ITV (UK TV) in June 1964. It’s believed two different films actually exist (one with animations and one Jukebox Jury-themed

Lyrics as follows:
Wake up in the morning there’s a snap around the place
Wake up in the morning there’s a crackle in your face
Wake up in the morning there’s a pop that really says “Rice Krispies for you and you and you”
Pour on the milk and listen to the snap that says “It’s nice”
Pour on the milk and listen to the crackle of that rice,
Get up in the morning to the pop that says “It’s rice”
Hear them talking crisp. Rice Krispies!!

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