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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Bill Wyman on the recording of the ‘Dirty Work’ album (1985)

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Bill Wyman on the recording of the ‘Dirty Work‘ album (1985):
“It started off kind of slow but that’s because we hadn’t played together for a while, and we live in different countries. So, it’s like, Hello, mate! What’s you been doing? How’s the wife? How’s the kids? Oh, the kid passed some test at school, you know, you get all that jive. And then you just sit around and jam for 3 weeks or something, play a lot of early blues and ’50s stuff, Eddie Cochran, Muddy Waters blues. You just play anything that comes into anybody’s head. And you just jam and get your chops back in. And then you start laying down rough ideas for songs. And then you just go through those and then you slowly pick out and play odd demos more and more and more…”

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