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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Charlie Watts, on going on the road with the Stones (2017)

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Charlie Watts quote on going on the road with the Stones (2017):
“You get your call-up, you get your kit together, you say goodbye to your wife and you come back two months later, hopefully with your limbs intact. It’s always been tough. The worst time is when you have a young child. I never took mine or my wife on the road. But if you take them like Ronnie -he lugs everything around, even his bloody easel to paint with- it’s not such a wrench. It’s admirable in one way, but I couldn’t work like that, too many distractions. Now it’s not so bad because we only do 10 or 15 shows. In the old days you’d get three sheets of dates and you couldn’t see the end.”


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