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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Jagger about the ‘Love You Live’ album (1977)

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Mick Jagger about the ‘Love You Live’ album (1977):
“A lot of alien journalists have said to me, ‘Oh, you just did this live album ’cause it’s the last album in your contract’ or something. I mean, wow, I worked harder on this album than I do on a studio album. I’m not boasting or anything, but I did and Keith did work harder mainly because it’s a double album. It was not in any way a throwaway thing…

It was really important, ’cause we had made only one really live album before, so this one HAD to be good. What we tried to do is make the sides have to stand up on their own. I mean, ’cause people aren’t going to pay a hell of a lot for a live album. So each side should stand on its own, have a pacing just like the show has a pacing. Yeah, it’s a really good-sounding album. It’s very difficult for me to be objective about in any kind of honest way. I’ve played it and listened to it so many times that I don’t know if it’s wrong or right. I mean, it sounds OK.”


rolling stones love you live jagger quote 1977

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