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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about not touring behind ‘Dirty Work’ (1986): “Dirty Work I built pretty much…”

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Keith Richards about not touring behind ‘Dirty Work‘ (1986):
“Dirty Work I built pretty much on the same idea as Some Girls, in that it was made with the absolute idea that it would go on the road. So when we finished the record and then… the powers that be – let’s put it like that (laughs) – decided suddenly they ain’t gonna go on the road behind it, the team was left in the lurch. Because if you didn’t follow it up with some roadwork, you’d only done 50 percent of the job…

The album didn’t do all that well because there was no promotion behind it. As it came out, everyone sort of said, Well, they’ve broken up or They’re not gonna work. So you got a lot of negativity behind it. In all honesty, it was Mick decided that he could do… I don’t know whether “he could do better” is the best phrase, but he felt, actually, that the Rolilng Stones were like a millstone around his neck. Which is ludicrous – and I told him so… He said, I don’t need this bunch of old farts. Little do you know, Sunny Jim.”


rolling stones keith richards not touring quote 1986

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