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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on the Dirty Work album (1985): “I wanted to put out…”

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Keith Richards on the Dirty Work album (1985):
“I wanted to put out a real Stones album, which we always manage to do in odd periods. This was a real concentrated effort. We left a lot of good stuff, interesting stuff, in the can because everyone wanted to – if we could, if it could be done again – make a classic Stones record with certain themes that have recurred over the years, both musically and lyrically… The fact that everyone has been active has given this record much more of an edge, more of a defined feel as the Rolling Stones, because we didn’t have to go in there and start from ground zero. It has a sort of coherence about it, more than anything since maybe Some Girls, for me…

Let’s put it like this. It’s a Stones album. If I’ve had a little more to do with it and a little more control over this one, it’s the same to me as the middle-70s when Mick would cover my ass when I was out of it. Because of the timing of Mick’s solo album, he wasn’t there as much as the rest of us in the beginning when the mood was getting set. In that sense, yes, I took over the job. The same way he would do if it happened to me. We cover each other’s ass. We’ve done it very well for each other over the years.”


rolling stones dirty work keith richards quote

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