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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood about the No Security album (1998)

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Keith, Mick and Ronnie about the No Security album (1998):
Keith: “We were under certain restrictions from the record company as to what tracks they didn’t want – tracks that had been on the previous four or five live albums. It made us hop around and bring up a different set list: not another Jumpin’ Jack Flash, as good as it is… We had to come up with a more eclectic list of songs… Having developed a second stage thing, which I think has really given a whole new spatial feel to what you can do, then you approach the record in the same way. In actual fact, you look for the best takes of the songs, and get the different feels from different places. I believe it’s definitely the best-sounding live Stones record there is”

Mick: “I think I came up with the title. I was looking at this picture on the front. And it’s this couple out of the crowd and they look kind of like Us and the world. It looks like the life holds no security for anyone. I don’t know, it’s something in their faces. I don’t think live albums are a necessary evil. I spent a lot of time thinking about whether one could do something that was different from the others, and I just thought that the song choice was kind of key to this: to put out slightly unusual songs….

There’ some well-known songs, but none of them have been out on live albums at least for twenty-odd years, which is quite a long time… Virgin Records would have been happy if it was a load of more well-known ones. The only thing that Virgin cared about was that I got it done quickly so it would come out in the autumn. That’s all they worried about”

Ronnie: “For No Security we spent a lot of time figuring out what songs had been done for other live albums, because we didn’t want to do anything that had been recorded before… I didn’t go to a studio once for overdubs. All the tracks are taken directly from the shows, so it shows we were pretty hot on that tour”


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