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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Jagger about having a vocation (1997): “People always question why we continue…”

Mick Jagger about having a vocation (1997):
“People always question why we continue to do it, it’s very odd but people question it all the time that why you should do it, you know, it’s like, people… I don’t know why, people think in their own lives, if they work, you know, in an office, or whatever, they think well if I made lots of money I wouldn’t do any work at all. And I think that’s how they approach what you’re doing in this kind of… – but it isn’t like that, you know, when you’re in a different kind of career. I’m just trying to explain why people always question why you would wanna do what you do…

I mean it’s not really like having a regular job, you know, because you stop for an incredibly long time. Like a year you don’t do it, you don’t go on stage, say for a year, or very little bursts here and there. And then you spend like you do four shows a week or something. It’s very very hard work, but it’s also quite rewarding and it’s very exciting… It’s not really a workadays job. It isn’t really like that at all… Performing is a great thill. It’s my vocation. It’s what I do. If I can do it well, I enjoy it. And if I can’t do it well, I’ll make sure I do it better.”


rolling stones mick jagger vocation quote 1997

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