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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on life as a junkie (1977)

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Keith Richards on life as a junkie (1977):
“You could be sick as a dog but as long as you’ve got a suntan, everybody thinks you’re in great shape.”


keith richards junkie quote 1977

From (July 2022):
The Rolling Stones are currently celebrating 60 years of being together as a band, and are currently touring Europe for the occasion.
A documentary series on the band, My Life As A Rolling Stone, recently launched on BBC iPlayer, where each member has sat down to speak on their life in the band. In episode two, Keith Richards opened up on fitting into rock ’n’ roll life as an introvert.

“I guess in a way you get shy of things, crowds and stuff, because I mean I can’t go to a movie, to a cinema anymore. Sometimes when I have, I’ve never felt more embarrassed in my life,” He explained. “I’ve ruined the whole movie for everybody, right?” He continued, “I get shy in that situation, you know? And that just comes with fame and all of that crap.”

Later on in the episode, Richards spoke candidly about his experience with drugs, having formerly been charged with possession of heroin with the purpose of trafficking. “I think the reason I was taking [heroin] was to deal with fame and pressure and it’s one way to run away,” he said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody,” he added. “But then again it’s a personal choice and I don’t know, it’s a rough old world and sometimes you need something to blank it out. And it probably ain’t worth the ride.”
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