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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards, on reconciling with Mick Jagger (1988): “I was trying to keep the band together, but…”

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Keith Richards, on reconciling with Mick Jagger (1988):
“I was trying to keep the band together, but now maybe I do feel that this breathing space is a good thing for the Stones. A little ventilation…Maybe the Stones needed a little fresh air. I still have lots of reservations about Mick, but I think that ‘s something natural we all go through as people. Eventually we’ll work it out and I have no doubt we can work together…

I’ve known him for 40 years and our fights are on many different levels, not just about who runs the Stones blah, blah, blah. It’s more to do with knowing somebody for so long, and you get to a point where you think a mate of yours is screwing up and you try to tell him because that’s what friends are for. ‘Cause everybody else has said, Yes, Mick, yes, Mick so many times. It’s the LV (lead vocalist) syndrome. It goes with the job…

You think you’re semi-divine out there, semi-divine when you come offstage, and in the limousine, and on the plane. Eventually, you think you’re semi-divine, period. So that’s one of the things we have to get through. Having the Stones work again next year will probably solve the problems between Mick and myself. Mick has always perceived this thing as a power struggle between us, but it’s not like that…

Yet it’s very hard to convince somebody there isn’t a power struggle if they perceive there is one. It only takes one person to perceive something as a power struggle, and then it is one, and people are forced to take sides. It’s not a good feeling. So I’m hoping that these two years have cleared the air and that nobody has to worry about that anymore.” (Ref. jagger richards)


rolling stones keith richards quote jagger reconciliation 1988

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