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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Taylor on sacrifice because of music (1999): “I never advise anyone to sacrifice…”

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Mick Taylor on sacrifice (1999):
“I never advise anyone to sacrifice something else because of music, but then I don’t see why they would have to anyway.”


rolling stones mick taylor quote sacrifice 1999

In the world of music, sacrifices are often made in pursuit of success. To gain insight into this dynamic, we turn our attention to legendary guitarist Mick Taylor. Best known for his time with the iconic band, the Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor shared his thoughts on the subject in a 1999 interview.

When asked about offering advice to aspiring musicians, Mick Taylor responded, “I never advise anyone to sacrifice anything.” This statement is interesting, as it goes against the common notion that sacrifice is often necessary for achieving one’s dreams and goals.Taylor’s perspective may stem from his own experiences in the music industry. Throughout his career, he witnessed firsthand the toll that sacrifices can take on an individual’s well-being, relationships, and overall happiness. He acknowledges that the pursuit of success can be all-encompassing, potentially leading to unfulfilled personal lives and strained connections.

Contrary to encouraging sacrifice, Mick Taylor emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between a musical career and personal fulfillment. He highlights the significance of nourishing relationships, nurturing one’s well-being, and pursuing passions beyond the realm of music. According to Taylor, finding this equilibrium can lead to a deeper sense of satisfaction and ultimately enhance one’s musical journey.

While sacrifices are often associated with a relentless pursuit of success, Mick Taylor offers a refreshing perspective. His insights remind us that a well-rounded and fulfilling life can go hand in hand with a successful career in music. It serves as a reminder to aspiring musicians that sacrifice is not inevitable, and it is possible to find success without compromising personal happiness.

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