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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Ronnie Wood about permanent recovery (2005): “When I started taking drugs…”

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Ronnie Wood about permanent recovery (2005):
“When I started taking drugs and drinking, I was sixteen. I hadn’t grown up. I’ve had my aims and ambitions. I always knew what I wanted to do. But I was stoned throughout. I have a lot of growing up to do. It’s a great challenge, but I think, fucking hell, is it too late? I try to do my best every day. You have a gig or a rehearsal, and afterwards you want to reward yourself. I have to go home and put CSI on the TV. Instead of having a drink, it’s Let’s get involved in some forensics. It’s very difficult to shake the habits of forty-odd years – the smoking, drinking and drugging. I was talking to Keith and Bobby Keys last night. The two naughty boys were in my room here, in recovery (laughs), and they’re going, Yeah, baby, remember that hotel…? And right away, that feeling rubs off. That high, the reminiscing – that’s the hardest thing to deal with. I still miss the actual doing.”


ronnie wood quote recovery 2005

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