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Rolling Stones songs: Miss Amanda Jones
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Hey girl with your nonsense nose/ All pointing right down at the floor…

Written by: Jagger/Richard
Recorded: RCA Studios, Hollywood, USA, Aug. 3-7 1966; Olympic Sound Studios, London, England, Nov. 9-Dec. 6 1966
*Data taken from Martin Elliott’s book THE ROLLING STONES COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS 1962-2012

From allmusic:
One of the more obscure songs on the Rolling Stones’ Between the Buttons, “Miss Amanda Jones” is also one of the less memorable tunes on the record, though by this time Mick Jagger and Keith Richards’ songwriting ability had grown to the point where even the filler had some worthwhile qualities. Though there’s a little blues-rock in “Miss Amanda Jones” — particularly in the bleating opening guitar riff, which periodically reasserts itself — it’s more a sardonic pop tune, with a circus-like atmosphere befitting its look at the dizzying runaround of mid-’60s Swinging London. That guitar riff, incidentally, is one of the downright ugliest and most berserk ever concocted by Keith Richards; one wonders if he could even replicate it today, or if anyone could find whatever funky equipment he used to get its peculiar sound. It’s the raunchiest feature of what’s for the most part a sardonic, though not wholly unsympathetic, portrait of what was rumored to be one of the groupies from an upper-class British background who infiltrated the Rolling Stones’ (and British rock’s) social circle in the mid-’60s.

That aspect of the Rolling Stones’ life has been written about fairly extensively in biographies, but few other songs in their repertoire make it as explicit, with references to her losing her nobility (a code word for losing virginity?), of her being rightfully proud of her lineage, of the money invested in her, and of her time for coming out (probably referring to a debutante’s coming-out party). There’s a hint of the Kinks in the flippantly observant satirical mocking of the upper class, and the slightly more pensive bridge goes into about as straightforward a pop/rock melody as the Stones were wont to do back then. The Flamin’ Groovies put a cover of the song on a live album, and the little-known band the March Violets covered it in the mid-’80s.

From punkglobe:
The late Brian Jones who was one The founding member of The Rolling Stones was a “Man of Mystery” I remember when I first saw the band on the Ed Sullivan show there was something very sexy and fascinating about him .When The Rolling Stones released

“Between The Buttons” in February 1967 there was one track that really caught my ear, it was the fast paced lively song called “Miss Amanda Jones” that really peaked my interest. What was the story behind the song? Who was Amanda Jones?

In my research about Brian and the song I discovered that Brian had had a dalliance with an exotic model named Amanda Lear. She also was the was the muse of the Artist Salvador Dali… Amanda was also a woman of mystery there was little information about her where she was born or her upbringing. Rumor has it that she may have been born in Southeast Asia. Her Father may have been a English or Dutch Soldier who was stationed in Asia. And that her Mother was of either Russian or Asian heritage. According to the Internet Ms. Lear may have been born in November of 1950 However it has also been cited to have been November 1939. In the early 60’s Amanda spent time in Paris and according to. Famed transgender model April Ashley that she worked with Amanda at the infamous the Cabaret Le Carousel. It was there that Amanda met surrealist painter Salvador Dali… Who shaped her into what she is today. Word has it that is also there that she originally caught the eye of Brian Jones. Eventually Amanda ventured to London around 1964. She soon turned to modeling working all the runways for all the High Fashion Designers and becoming close pals with Penelope Tree.

She became the darling of the discotheque crowd as in one the lines in the song “Miss Amanda Jones. ” Other tell tale lyrics are “The girl behind is a bit unsure and it’s time for coming out Miss Amanda Jones.” Filmmaker Danny Garcia in doing research for his brilliant documentary Rolling Stone: Life and Death Of Brian Jones discovered some interesting facts Amanda was sharing an apartment in London with Anita Pallenberg in 1965 she then reacquainted her friendship with Brian Jones. When Anita Pallenberg left Brian and started dating Keith Richards. Brian started dating Amanda. According to another friend of Brian who was interviewed for Danny Garcia’s documentary was that Brian was intrigued and very attracted to the lovely Amanda… They were friends until the time of Brian’s untimely death… In The 70s she was chosen to be the cover girl of an album by Roxy Music “For Your Pleasures Pleasure”. She started a wild affair with Bryan Ferry the lead singer of Roxy Music. They became engaged however the romance ended.

She also knew David Bowie and was asked to be the hostess on his Midnight Special Floor show with him, Marianne Faithful and Mick Ronson … Bowie serenaded her with the song “Sorrow.”

She was actually living the life of Cinderella one might say. Amanda Lear has had a marvelous career over the years as Singer,Lyricist,Painter,Television Presenter, Actress while still modeling on occasion.

Amanda Lear has had exhibitions all over of her artwork which numbers several hundreds of pieces including paintings of Dali and Jimi Hendrix. For years she was a prominent television star in Italy. She also appeared in many films in Italy. She’s had numerous hit records all over The USA, UK and Europe. She has as a huge LBGTQ following very similar to that of the late Marlene Dietrich…

Amanda married Alain-Philippe Malagnac who was the adopted son of French writer Roger Peyrefitte, their relationship being a subject of several of Amanda’s art work. Malagnac was also an art collector. He perished in during a fire at their home in France. “Miss Amanda Jones” is still turning heads where ever she goes.

From the The Rolling Stones – All the Songs book:
A new muse has appeared in the world of the Rolling Stones. She looks quite delightfully stoned/She’s the darling of the discothèque crowd: a remarkable and exciting young woman, this Miss Amanda Jones. Mick Jagger gives an insight into his thought process: although the heroine of the song is of her lineage… she’s rightfully proud, she’s losing her nobility.
This is the price Amanda has to pay, the Stones’ singer seems to be saying, for living happily ever after. But who is this Miss Amanda Jones? The song may be referring to Amanda Lear, who, before becoming Salvador Dalí’s muse, was thought to have had a brief affair with Brian Jones. Or perhaps it is none other than Anita Pallenberg herself.