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Rolling Stones songs: Streets of Love

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While music pumps from passing cars/ A couple watch me from a bar…

Written by: Jagger/Richards
Recorded: Ocean Way Recording Studios, Los Angeles, USA, June 6-28 2005
Guest musicians: Darryl Jones (bass), Chuck Leavell and Matt Clifford (piano and organ), Matt Clifford (strings)
*Data taken from Martin Elliott’s book THE ROLLING STONES COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS 1962-2012

From the The Rolling Stones – All the Songs, The Story Behind Every Track book:
Mick Jagger may have written “Streets of Love” at the same time as “Wicked Time,” which appears on the soundtrack to the Charles Shyer movie Alfie (2004). I must admit you broke my heart/The awful truth, it’s really sad/I must admit I was awful bad. It is apparent from the very first verse that this superb ballad is a mea culpa from a former lover to a woman he has mistreated. Now he walks the streets of love, which are full of tears and full of fears.

When Mick Jagger wrote these lyrics, he may have had in mind his relationship with Jerry Hall, which ended in 1999 on account of his repeated infidelities. In any case, the song is filled with regret, above all when he sings: A band just played the wedding march/And the corner store/Mends broken hearts. And memories too, including, presumably, those of their Hindu wedding in Bali in 1990 (declared by Jagger at the time of the divorce to have been invalid). “Streets of Love” was released as a single on August 22, 2005. Although it only reached number 15 in the United Kingdom, this Mick-penned ballad made it to number 1 in Spain and entered the top ten in several other European countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark…).

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