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Rolling Stones chronology – January 19

1963: Sandover Hall, Richmond, England (with Ricky Fenson on bass and Carlo Little on drums)

1964: Coventry Theatre, Coventry, England (2 shows)

Jan. 1967: It was around that day that Ronnie Wood joined the Jeff Beck Group (along with Rod Stewart) as bass player.
Ronnie: “I suppose Jeff was one of my best friends, even though he was in another band. When he left the Yardbirds, my group had already wilted and was just about to fold, so that’s when we got together. Some people thought, ‘Oh, you can’t go to bass, it’s an inferior instrument if you’re a guitarist’, but it’s the other way around. I’m really glad I had that training on bass, because when I went back to guitar I had whole new viewpoint.”

January 19, 1975: Keith takes part of a recording session by Alexis Korner of ‘Get Off Of My Cloud ‘ at CBS Studios in London, England, in which he played guitar and also shared some vocals with Korner

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