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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Bill Wyman about his life post-Stones (2011):”I left the Stones because I was tired of traveling the world. I wanted…”

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Bill Wyman about his life post-Stones (2011):
“I left the Stones because I was tired of traveling the world. I wanted more time at home, I wanted to get married again and start a family, which I did. I got married in ’93. If I had still been in the Stones, I wouldn’t have gotten married because the Stones were still working then. I got married and I’ve got three beautiful teenage daughters and it couldn’t be nicer. We’ve been married 18 years now, and I do all of my work from home…

I’ve written seven books in the last ten years, I do all kinds of events. I do photo exhibitions running all over the world. I’ve got a big one running in London at the moment, which is getting great reviews. I do charities, I’ve got a very famous restaurant here, I do archaeology and work with museums. My life is full and wonderful… The great thing is, I’m still great mates with the band. We still send each other Christmas presents, birthday presents. I got a present from the Stones, I’ve got two huge, bouquets of roses, which I’ve got as many roses as my years….

I’m 75, I got 75 roses from them and I’ve got a big thing of champagne. That’s what we do, we stay friends. I work on projects with them as well. I was involved very heavily in the Universal 45s single box set because I’m the only one that had all of the singles. So, I did the deal with them and Universal and I gave them scans of everything, so they knew exactly how to reproduce the singles… I’m very close with Charlie, and we’ve always been very close and we’re great mates. I chatted to him before I went on tour, we’re just trying to get together…”


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