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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Charlie on meeting Brian (2011): “Alexis Korner, all his life…”

Charlie Watts on meeting Brian Jones (2011):
“Alexis Korner, all his life, was a hub for young people – and particularly blues and obscure jazz players. He was a great one for bringing them on and listening to them. And one of those people was Brian Jones, in the early days. So I played with Brian and knew him socially through Alexis.”


From Udiscovermusic:
Brian’s overriding passion was music and around the age of sixteen he heard his first Charlie Parker record and as a result persuaded his parents to buy him a saxophone. This proved, like many things with Brian, to be a passing phase, and for his seventeenth birthday he was given an acoustic guitar. Having left school and deciding against university Brian had a succession of jobs before going to see the Chris Barber Band play a concert at Cheltenham Town Hall in 1961; their set included a blues segment featuring Alexis Korner. Brian became obsessed with the blues, practising slide guitar while listening to Elmore James and Robert Johnson records.

Brian was soon hitch-hiking to London where he would go to the Ealing Blues club sometimes sitting in with the Alexis Korners band. One night, Mick and Keith, on a visit to the club, saw Brian play slide guitar and were impressed with his playing of Elmore James’s ‘Dust My Broom’ . Soon after this Brian, Ian Stewart, Keith and Mick began rehearsing at Soho’s Bricklayers Arms pub and on 12 July 1962 they deputised for Alexis Korner’s band at the Marquee Club — they were billed as The Rollin’ Stones.
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