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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on Peter Tosh’s murder (1987): “I was shocked that…”

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Murder of Peter Tosh, by Keith Richards(1987):
“I was shocked that it didn’t happen a lot sooner. He threatened to do the same thing to me. I let him use my house years and years ago and suddenly, apparently, he thought it was his. I got in touch with him and said, I’m coming down to the house, I need it for myself, and he said, If you come anywhere near here I’ll shoot you. So I said you’d better make sure you know how to use that gun and make sure you get the fucking magazine the right away round ’cause I’m gonna be there in half an hour. And he left. He was always gonna shoot people. In a way I liked him very much, I found him very interesting, but that part overtook him and he was executed.”


rolling stones keith richards quote peter tosh murder

(Ref. murder of peter tosh)

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