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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Jagger previews ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ (1968): “It has a very hypnotic groove…”

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Mick Jagger previews ‘Sympathy for the Devil‘ (1968): (Ref. sympathy for the devil)
“It has a very hypnotic groove, a samba, which has a tremendous hypnotic power, rather like good dance music. It doesn’t speed up or down. It keeps this constant groove. Plus, the actual samba rhythm is a great one to sing on, but it’s also got some other suggestions in it, an undercurrent of being primitive , because it is a primitive African, South American, Afro-whatever-you-call-that rhythm. So to white people, it has a very sinister thing about it. But forgetting the cultural colors, it is a very good vehicle for producing a powerful piece. It becomes less pretentious because it’s a very unpretentious groove. If it had been done as a ballad, it wouldn’t have been as good.”


rolling stones jagger sympathy for the devil quote 1968

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