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Rolling Stones songs: I Want to Be Loved (alternate take)

Written by: Willie Dixon
Recorded: IBC Studios, London, England, March 11 1963

*’I Want To Be Loved’ was the B-side of the Stones’ first single ever, ‘Come On’

From Udiscovermusic:
On May 2, 1963, The Rolling Stones’ new manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, booked a recording session for the band to record their first single. The only issue was, they had no idea what to record. Mick and Keith were not writing songs at this point in the band’s career, so it was a case of trawling through their record collections to see what they should cover. Eventually, they settled on Chuck Berry’s “Come On,” taken from the Chess album Chuck Berry, which their hero had just released. For the B-side they decided to revisit Muddy Waters’ “I Want To Be Loved,” a song that they had already had a go at recording two months earlier at IBC Studios, prior to finding a manager and a record company interested in releasing their records.
“Come On” was released four weeks later, on Friday, June 7, and on July 27 the song entered the charts, climbing to No.20 on the NME singles chart. Decca apparently sent just four copies of the new single to Oldham’s office, so the band had to go out and buy extra copies so they could have one each; nor were the Stones that keen on their first record: they stopped playing it on gigs after about three weeks. One day Oldham went to see the band at the Scene Club in Soho and went mad, insisting that they played it at every show… that didn’t last long.
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