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Rolling Stones chronology – May 14

1964: St. George’s Hall, Bradford, England (2 shows)

rolling stones chronology may 14 bradford 1964

1965: New Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USA

1976: Granby Hall, Leicester, England

2010: Release of the EXILE ON MAIN ST (DELUXE EDITION) 2-CD set, including the original album (digitally remastered) plus a second disc feat. 10 previously unreleased songs and outtakes:
1. Pass The Wine (Sophia Loren)/ 2. Plundered My Soul/ 3. I’m Not Signifying/ 4. Following The River/ 5. Dancing In The Light/ 6. So Divine (Aladdin Story)/ 7. Loving Cup (alt. take)/ 8. Soul Survivor (alt. take)/ 9. Good Time Women/ 10. Title 5

May 14, 2010: Release of the EXILE ON MAIN ST (DELUXE EDITION) 2-CD set + BONUS CD (limited edition, exclusively sold at Best Buy stores in the USA), including the original album, second disc feat. 10 bonus tracks, plus additional interview disc (all interviews recorded in 2009) featuring:
1. When Exile Began (MJ, KR & CW)/ 2. Taxes And France (BW, CW, MJ & KR)/ 3. The House In France (KR & MJ)/ 4. Touring, Recording And New Beginning (MT)/ 5. The Piano Players (MJ)/ 6. Driving And Recording At The House (BW, CW & KR)/ 7. Creating Songs For The Album (MJ)/ 8. The Process For Keith Richards (CW, KR & MJ)/ 9. Happy (KR)/ 10. The Extra Tracks (CW, MJ & KR)/ 11. The Overall Album (MJ & KR)

rolling stones chronology may 14 exile on main street deluxe bonus 2010

May 14, 2020: Keith makes a plea from his home in Connecticut, to donate to theJazz Foundation of America for out-of-work musicians during a live-streamed emergency fund concert.

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