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The Rolling Stones live in Amsterdam 2006
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July 31, 2006: Arena, Amsterdam, Holland
Jumping Jack Flash/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Oh No, Not You Again/Bitch/Sway/ As Tears Go By/Streets Of Love/Tumbling Dice/Night Time/Band introduction/Slipping Away/Before They Make Me Run/Miss You/Rough Justice/Get Off Of My Cloud/Honky Tonk Women/Sympathy For The Devil/Start Me Up/Brown Sugar/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Satisfaction

From the IORR site:
I saw the Stones for the first time in 1976 in The Haque, and was very pleased to see them 30 years later in Amsterdam.This time they were far better than in 1976! To make a long story short: Bitch was tremendous, marvellous. Our guitarists seemed unleashed. Even Mick Jagger couldn’t stop them and was blown away. It took him some time to pick up the song again. Usually he interrupts the guitarsolos, but not this time and not during the whole concert! Sway was nice and new for Holland, but I still believe Jagger places the emphasis on the wrong words.

Let’s not overrate this song only because they never played it before on earlier tours. I already heard and saw As Tears Go By in Vienna. It’s a great song, and they play it every concert now I hope. Unfortunately in Amsterdam the guitar interruption/solo by Richards didn’t succeed at all. He did it well in the States and he did it perfect in Vienna and probably in other countries, so why failing in Amsterdam?

Streets of Love is a great life song: better on stage than on CD. Everybody liked this number and sang along. It became a tremendous applause. It’s an audience pleaser, a new performance hit. Slipping Away and Before They Make Me Run were great due to Keith’s guitarwork. He can’t sing and play together as we all know but when he played it was overwhelming! The man has made a great comeback.

Keith was in a very good condition. He wasn’t even tired at the end of Satisfaction. Still smiling and playing and willing to go on forever. Wood did his best but it seemed to really hurt him this time. I didn’t like his guitarsound: too much “”peeping” on the square centimeter. Anyhow, Richards and Wood were at work this concert. The played very concentrated and didn’t mess around with the public like in Ahoy Rotterdam in 2003. Jagger was fantastic of course, but I think he should wear some other clothes and cut his hair a bit.

Why always jumping in this black trousers? I liked his 1981/1982 outfit. Since then he keeps on wearing the Steel Wheels-clothes! This was a great concert. The Stones were put down in the Dutch press last week, but now they had their revenge. They are still the greatest r&r group on earth. They deserve this title not only by what they did in the past but also for what they are still doing this tour: giving perfect rock’n’roll shows!

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