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The Rolling Stones live at Glastonbury Festival 2013
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June 29, 2013: ‘Glastonbury Festival’, Worthy Farm, Pilton, England
Jumping Jack Flash/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Paint It Black/Gimme Shelter/Factory Girl (with new lyrics as “Glastonbury Girl”)/Wild Horses/Doom And Gloom/Cant’ You Hear Me Knocking/Honky Tonk Women/You Got The Silver/Happy/Miss You/Midnight Rambler/2000 Light Years From Home/Sympathy For The Devil/Start Me Up/Tumbling Dice/Brown Sugar/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Satisfaction
*With special guests The Voce Choir and members of the London Youth Choir on ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’

Mick Jagger, onstage at Glastonbury when singing ‘Factory Girl’:
“Gave her all my wet wipes, washed off all her dirt
Lit her up a cigarette, I gave her my clean shirt
Offered her my luxury yurt
Waiting for a Glastonbury girl”

From The Guardian:
By the time the Rolling Stones arrive, the crowd in front of the Pyramid stage has swelled to 100,000, something you might have predicted had you noted the sheer number of people walking around the site in Stones T-shirts: it’s hard to think of another Glastonbury that’s been so conclusively overtaken by a solitary headlining act. As U2 discovered a few years back, parachuting a hugely successful band in to headline Glastonbury doesn’t always work, something of which Jagger at least appears aware.

For someone with a reputation for lofty diffidence, he seems to have been on a charm offensive for weeks: no sooner had their headline slot been announced than he took to Twitter to claim, a little implausibly, that he was going to stay on site in a yurt. The charm offensive carries over into their set. Just as he joked about the cost of the seats at last November’s O2 performance, he jokes about Glastonbury’s dogged pursuit of the band over the years: “So, they finally asked us.”

If mention of his actual sleeping arrangements is conspicuous by its absence, Jagger mentions having spent the previous night at the festival: “I went to Shangri-La!” he says, sounding as ever, exactly like a man doing an impersonation of Mick Jagger. “I saw the Arctic Monkeys.” Indeed, so keen is he to underline his awareness that this show is more than just another stop off on the Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour, he has reworked the song Factory Girl for the occasion: Glastonbury Girl makes reference to wet wipes, inhaling nitrous oxide, camping and ecstasy.
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