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“It may be that this endeavour began upon first hearing a number called “Come On” as it drifted out of a tenement window in the Bronx or when Murray the K spun the one called ‘Not Fade Away’.
It may be that it began upon first attending a show at a place called Forrest Hills in 1966.
It may be that it began in June of 1975 when for the first time I attended a Rolling Stones gig with well defined intent to get “a few pictures for my walls.
Whenever it began, it has since grown to include gigs all over the planet across a span of 44 years. The results of these forays are the content of this book”

Go For Broke: Volume I, is a visual history depicting five decades of concert performances by The Rolling Stones as seen through the eyes of one photographer.
The book presents a “no access” view of the band. The story begins in 1975 in Boston during the “Tour of the Americas” and continues to the current era with images from Paris during the “No Filter ” tour in 2017. Go For Broke is an extraordinary journey of photographs, a life spent traveling and documenting one of the most important bands of all time…The Rolling Stones.
The book features 276 full page photographs. The images were captured while attending 132 concerts in 104 cities in 13 countries and span 22 touring eras. The photographer and author presents The Rolling Stones at their finest; playing live rock and roll.
His images have also been published in Rolling With The Stones by Bill Wyman (2002), Love You Live by Marilu Regan (2002), The New Barbarians: Outlaws, Gunslingers and Guitars by Rob Chapman (2017) and The Rolling Stones Every Album, Every Song 1963-1980 Steve Pilkington (2019).

About the author:
Curt Angeledes was born in N.Y.C., August of 1952. Hit the road in 1967 and traveled extensively throughout the United States and a dozen other countries . Picked up a camera in 1973 and brought it along on these journeys. Chose The Rolling Stones as primary subject matter in 1975. This choice led to five decades of travel and documenting one of the most important bands of all time…The Rolling Stones. This book is one result of combining the author’s interests in music, travel and photography.

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