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*Last update: Sept. 6 2023

Early August: So what do we know about the Stones new album at this point? This would be the Stones’ new album since BLUE & LONESOME, released in 2016, and a new one with all original songs since A BIGGER BANG, released in 2005. It will feature drum parts recorded by Charlie Watts prior to his death, with Steve Jordan taking care of the rest of the songs. The new record (rumoured name now is Hackney Diamonds, although we don’t know yet if that’s the album name, new single name, or both) will be the Stones’ 24th British and 25th American studio album, to be produced by Grammy winner Andrew Watt.
Should be coming out this year, possibly around September or October (just “possibly”)

No tracklisting or any song titles confirmed yet. Not even a working title of the album. Guest musicians confirmed so far are:

Bill agreed to participate in a Stones album after all these years, although in only one song. Contrary to what was said, Bill didn’t fly to Los Angeles to record his bass parts, she hasn’t flown anywhere in years nbow. Instead he chose Metropolis studio in London (according to a band source, “the track was superb and Mick was delighted with the results”)
Wyman: “When Mick asked if I would play on one of the tracks in tribute to Charlie, of course, I immediately said yes. But I haven’t flown in decades, so I just went over to Metropolis Studios here in London and recorded my part.”
A source said: “Bill hasn’t seen the band together for years, but always loved Charlie. This record’s really a tribute to Charlie, so he couldn’t say no.”

As reportedly (no confirmation about Ringo Starr’s involvement, as much as that was rumoured)

Rumoured, just rumoured.

All three Mick, Keith and Ronnie showed up recently in the streets of New York City (Tribeca area) for a photo shoot and/or to film scenes of a video.

But then on last August 21 a tongue-shaped logo above the word “Diamonds,” Stones song titles, and the word “est. 1962” were featured in a cryptic advertisement advertisement for a company called Hackney Diamonds (a fake glass repair company) that appeared in the Hackney Gazette, a local paper in east London, and also in the Islington Gazette.
It featured a small version of the Stones’ flaming lips logo and, according to the ad, established in 1962, eventually the year the Stones were founded by Brian Jones. “Our friendly team promises you Satisfaction,” read the ad, “when you say Gimme Shelter we’ll fix your Shattered windows”, with clear references to three Stones songs: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Gimme Shelter and Shattered. Then anybody going to the website, by clicking on “Terms” or “Privacy”, came across various references to Universal Music, the Stones’ current record company. Additionally a sign-up link was available on the website (which is managed by Universal Music) to receive future updates. so what

So what about the term “Hackney Diamonds” by the way? Hackney Diamonds is an archaic east London colloquialism for broken glass, but what does the name actually mean? It specifically refers to glass fragments that remain after robberies that have broken shop windows and car windows. Dalston Diamonds, which refers to a particular area of Hackney, is another expression used by East Londoners. The phone number provided in the advertisement connects to a pre-recorded message. “Hackney Diamonds, experts in glass repair,” a man with a Cockney accent says. Get it fixed instead of getting angry”.He hints that there will be more information or perhaps an album release by saying, “Opening September.”. If so, Hackney Diamonds, the group’s 31st studio album, would be their first without late drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021.
It appears that the publicity campaign has been planned for some time. was in fact registered as a domain in April of this year.
Some great info also showed up on the Steve Hoffman forum with a link posted by “Uncle Miles” that lead to a series of photos on a designer website with the following info and several pictures, reading as follows:

CREATIVE: Paulina Almira
CLIENT: Rolling Stones
ROLE: 2D Illustration, Album DesignRolling Stones brand new studio album Hackney Diamonds

According to Stones’ researcher Martin Elliott, “Hackneyed also means ‘lacks originality’, ‘Old or boring’. It is associated with horses as in ‘Hackney pony’ and Hackney’s main street is Mare Street. Diamonds signify, of course, an anniversary of 60 years. The Rolling Stones are poking fun at themselves. The main album theme is said to be about relationships and jagged heartbreak — ‘broken glass’. It is expected the album Will be dedicated to Charlie Watts” so what

The whole story was explained by the very Hackney Gazette newspaper themselves on last Aug. 24.

As of August 29, The Sun newspaper hinted that a song titled “Angry” could be the first single from the new album which, according to rumours, should be out in late October. No specific date about the release of the single yet, although also on Aug. 29 the Hackney Diamonds page started showing a countdown (reading “Warning” Weak glass”) to its release, which then should be happening on September 6.

List of possible song titles (as rumoured on the internet) is:
“Bite my Head Off”
“Depending on You”
“Dreamy Skies”
“Driving Me Too Hard”
“Get Close”
“Live by the Sword”
“Mess it Up”
“Morning Joe Cues”
“Sweet Sounds of Heaven”
“Tell Me Straight”
“Whole Wide World”

Additionally all Stones social media started showing projections on buildings in various cities around the world.

Then on September 1 a nineteen-second snippet teasing the first single off the album, Angry (or Don’t Get Angry With Me) showed up on the internet, with a final release announced for September 6, plus a series of animations on the band’s different media:

rolling stones hackney diamonds animations 2023

Sept. 5: Stones live in conversation with TV host Jimmy Fallon announced for tomorrow, Sept. 6 at 2.30 pm UK time. Keith Richards flies to London to attend the meeting.

Sept. 6: As announced, Mick, Keith and Ronnie gathered in front of the press and guests at the Hackney Empire theatre today to premiere the video of “Angry”, the first single of the new Hackney Diamonds album, to be released on October 20.

Keith: “Everything since Charlie’s gone is different. He was number 4…”
Mick: “12 tracks. All with Steve, two with Charlie recorded in 2019”
Also, according to Mick, every track in thew album is “angry” and “disgust” related.

Get Close
Depending On You
Bite My Head Off (with Paul McCartney(
Whole Wide World
Dreamy Skies (a country ballad)
Mess It Up
Live by the Sword (with Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman)
Driving Me Too Hard (with Charlie Watts)
Tell Me Straight (Keith on vocals)
Sweet Sound of Heaven (with Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga)
Rollin’ Stone Blues

Unfortunately no extra info shared on the new album (did Ronnie actually say Stevie Wonder plays on a track?)

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More updates soon!

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