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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about the Stones’ time at Muscle Shoals Studio in December of 1969

Keith Richards about the Stones’ time at Muscle Shoals Studio in December of 1969, where they recorded ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘You Gotta Move’:
“I thought it was one of the easiest and ‘rockingest’ sessions that we’d ever done. I don’t think we’ve been quite so prolific…ever (laughs). I mean we cut three or four tracks in two days, and that for the Stones is going on something! We left on a high with “Brown Sugar.” We knew we had one of the best things we’d ever done. I always wanted to go back there and cut more, you know?…

Then shit happened, so we ended up in France in a basement there doing Exile on Main Street. Otherwise, Exile would have probably been cut in Muscle Shoals–but politically it wasn’t possible—I wasn’t allowed in the country at the time. So, that was that! (laughs) Those sessions were as vital to me as any I’ve ever done. I mean, all the other stuff—”Beggars Banquet,” and all the other stuff we did: “Gimme Shelter,” “Street Fighting Man,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” you know? But I’ve always wondered…that if we had cut them at Muscle Shoals, if they might not have been a little bit funkier?”


keith richards muscle shoals 1969 quote

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  1. Would of been so nice to be working at the shoals to witness those epice recordings. Only the lucky as they always say.

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