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Rolling Stones chronology – February 5

1963: Ealing Jazz Club, London, England

1964: Locarno Ballroom, Willenhall, England

rolling stones chronology february 5 willenhall 1964

1967: The News Of The World reported that Mick Jagger had taken LSD while visiting the Moody Blues’ home in the UK. Mick ended up suing the paper for libel in an on-going historic feud between the News Of The World and the Stones.

1967: The Stones appear on British TV’s Eammon Andrews Show playing ‘She Smiled Sweetly’, while Mick discusses with Andrews, Hugh Lloyd, Susan Maughan, Rose Tobias Shaw and Terry Scott.

Feb. 5, 1973: Football Stadium, Hong Kong (cancelled)

Jan. 5, 1984: Mick appears on ‘Friday Night Videos’ (NBC, US TV), Feb. 1984. Originally filmed in January that year.

1993: Ronnie joins Rod Stewart on his Unplugged MTV show at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

2006: The Stones play three songs during the half-time show of The Super Bowl in Detroit. Later on the Stones expressed their displeasure of having Mick Jagger’s microphone turned down during “Start Me Up”. The line “you make a dead man come” was cut short, plus a barnyard reference to “cocks” in the Stones’ new song “Rough Justice” also disappeared.

2015: Ron Wood performs with the Jools Holland Orchestra at the Savoy Hotel in London, England, for the Prince’s Trust Invest in Futures gala, with the Prince of Wales in attendance.

February 5, 2019: Charlie Watts attends drummer Hal Blaine’s 90th birthday party in Los Angeles and is interviewed for an upcoming documentary.

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