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The Rolling Stones live in Gelsenkirchen 2022 (no Charlie)


July 27, 1963: Veltins-Arena, Genselkirchen, Germany (no Charlie)
Street Fighting Man/Let’s Spend The Night Together/Tumbling Dice/Out Of Time/Wild Horses/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Living In A Ghost Town/Honky Tonk Women/Band introduction/Slipping Away/Connection/Miss You/Midnight Rambler/Paint It Black/Start Me Up/Gimme Shelter/Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Sympathy For The Devil/Satisfaction
*All photos by Thorsten Seiffer

From IORR (by Johannes Delmere):
OK, you all will say it’s because it is my home town, but you can believe me: That show really rocked. It picked up fast with Satisfaction, slowed down a bit afterwards, but from “Bitch” onwards they got it going. Guitars all over the place, Ron very loud in the mix, “weaving” again on “Wanna Hold You”, a great solo on “Out of Control”, lots of improvisation on “Miss You”. What more can you ask for?

We made it to the front again, Ronnie’s side, nearly pool position to the catwalk. Getting in there was easy, the show was not sold out. I believe about 40.000 people where in the Parkstadion tonight. The weather was fine, although it threatened to rain at one stage, but only some drops came down after the show. The Hothouse Flowers opened again, just on time at 7.30 pm. They did a set of 45-50 minutes, it was alright by me, nothing special and not really my taste. But all these opening acts just cannot win when you wait for the Stones!

The Stones were on at 9.20 pm, Satisfaction hit it big time. right after Satisfaction the crowd started chanting Happy Birthday, which Mick heard. he struck out his tongue and smiled. The first songs were standard, a bit above average I would say. I was a bit disappointed about hearing ASMB again, would have love something else but then the first change came: Bitch. gelsenkirchen

That song really rocked! Loud guitars, playing really good, loud horns. Saint of me was good as well, after the song finished the Keith side and the Ronnie side did a canon for the oh yeahs, Mick directiing the sing a long, before he shouted out loud “Out Of Control”. That one was brilliant, everything up the the second, every move, every hit of the drum and the guitars, loud solos, a harmonica solo like I never seen one before etc.

Paint it Black was web choice again. I did have a look at midday, when it had 32%, on the night it had got 26%, SFM was second place. Mick told us he is thinking about putting that one in the setlist. PIB is much better than in 1990, not that much keyboards, but loads of guitars again, nicely playing with each other. Miss you was very long tonight for my taste, improvising went on and on. gelsenkirchen

Mick even put his guitar down and danced with Lisa a bit more. He tried to do some naughty things as well (I only mention hip movements here :-)), which she wouldn’t let him. Lots of smiling around the stage. Keith told us it was Reggae night, if god permitted, so he did “You don’t have to Mean it”. More guitars on “Wanna Hold You”. From Bitch on Ronnie was loud and I mean LOUD and clear in the mix. And he played a lot and everyone seemed to like it. The B-Stage set was above average as well. the guitars never sounded that loud and clear on “Little Queenie” on the german shows before. YGMR was nicely done as well, slide solo very loud. LARS was a bit of a let down, just average. gelsenkirchen

The rest was very good, Keith hitting chords, Ronnie hitting more chords, guitars everywhere. Ronnie’s solos sometime seemed to drown other bits in the mix. Odd bits: when Ronnie came back from b-stage, he signed an autograph for some guy on the ladder to the main stage and made sure, security gave it to the right guy.

He even gave some drinks away to that japanese couple on his side. Charlie picked that up. when he came to the front for the end bows, he went to that bit of the stage with Ronnie and had a look there as well. Lots of chatting by Mick, lot’s of “Hey’s and “Hi’s”, lots of singing in Miss You. Mick told us we were “Super!” They seemed to like it, we loved it! Mick came down on the catwalk for Brown Sugar again. With 55 Mick is even better than he was with 54. gelsenkirchen

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