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June 3, 2014: The Rolling Stones visit Jerusalem, Israel


Even though their concert in Tel Aviv was still more than a day away, the Stones took some time off on in the afternoon of June 3 to visit Jerusalem’s Western Wall, a must-see attraction for any foreign traveler.
The Stones’ private plane, which was decorated with the band’s name and logo, had landed in Israel on Monday night. The band’s first trip to Israel came before a highly anticipated performance for 50,000 fans on Wednesday night at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park.
Charlie, Ronnie and Chuck Leavell were all present to witness Judaism’s holiest site; Leavell was even captured in a photo putting a note at the Kotel as is customary while wearing a kipa.

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As for Mick, he reportedly took a trip along Israel’s Mediterranean coast, stopping by the Caesarea Roman ruins. Jagger shared a picture of himself in the ruins with the Caesarea power plant in the background. Jagger, who ought to be knowledgeable about concert halls, refers to the historic Herodian theater at the Roman port as an amphitheater, a term that traditionally refers to a completely circular space, such as the one Pink Floyd played in person in Pompeii in 1972.

Around 1,000 tourists flew in on Monday to attend the concert on Wednesday, and the band arrived with a 70-person entourage, at least 100 more technical and support staff, and other guests. The arrivals were referred to as the “Rolling Stones airlift” by Israeli television news anchors.
A number of organizations and even other musicians had urged the band to postpone the “historic” concert, but they went ahead with it.
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