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Never Stop: The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Ready To Celebrate His 80th Birthday With 300 Famous Guests In London

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Mick Jagger – 80 Years

Mick’s 80th birthday is coming soon and, according to The Daily Mirror, he just hired “the lavish Chelsea Physic Garden in London for the festivities”, with about 300 famous faces attending. The newspaper reports that not only Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood will be there, but then “another guest said to be making an appearance is Mick’s former bandmate Bill Wyman. Bill recently returned to the Rolling Stones to help them work on their next album, which is dedicated to the late drummer Charlie Watts”.

In the meantime, an unconfirmed source said that “turning 80 is a huge milestone for anyone and Mick wants to make sure he throws a party no one will ever forget. He has now hired out the whole Physic Garden and will be having his celebrations there”, informs The Sun.

Mick has referred to growing up recently, saying “I suppose you do think about the time that’s allotted to you more than when you were younger. You realise – much earlier than my age now – that you won’t be able to play for England’s football team, just to take a really crass example. So you can’t have that life again. The mortality thing obviously has a stronger pull. It’s an imminent truth but it’s not necessarily a bad thing”.

chelsea physical garden mick jagger 80 birthday

The Chelsea Physic Garden was established as back as 1673, originally to grow plants to be used as medicines. The place, a four-acre site, is now run by a charity trust, and it’s one of the oldest botanical gardens in Britain, which opened to the public in 1983. The garden was first built by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries on a portion of Sir John Danvers’ renowned garden that was on lease. The mansion had previously been Sir Thomas More’s home was next to this residence, known as Danvers House. In 1696, Danvers House was demolished to make room for Danvers Street. mick jagger 80

rolling stones mick jagger 80 years birthday

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