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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on life on the road (1974): “I can’t live without…”

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Keith Richards on life on the road (1974):
“I can’t live without being on the road. Every minute spent off the road I either turn into an alcoholic or a junkie ’cause I’ve got nothing else to do. It’s just a waste of time. I can turn into anything: a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a psychedelic treat, a Jehovah’s Witness, a junkie – anything can happen ’cause I’m not doing that. That’s what I do. I mean, most people that do things at least have the opportunity of doing it pretty regularly. We’re in this unique, so they say, position of not being able to expose ourselves too much. So you’ve got these horrible extravagances of people saying, I don’t want to work this year. That’s why I did the album with Woody. I couldn’t stand it anymore. To write off a whole fucking year in one sentence is stupid.”
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