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Rolling Stones chronology – September 9

1963: Ken Colyer Jazz Club, London, England

1964: Odeon Theatre, Luton, England (2 shows)

rolling stones chronology september 9 luton 1964

1970: Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Denmark (2 shows)

1973: Wembley Empire Pool, London, England
Brown Sugar/Gimme Shelter/Happy/Tumbling Dice/Star Star/ Angie/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Dancing With Mr. D./Heartbreaker/Midnight Rambler/Honky Tonk Women/All Down The Line/Rip This Joint/Jumping Jack Flash/Street Fighting Man

1975: Release of Ted Wood’s (Ronnie’s brother) 7″ single AM I BLUE / SHINE, with Ronnie on guitar

rolling stones chronology september 9 ted wood 1975

1989: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin, USA
Start Me Up/Bitch/Sad Sad Sad/Undercover Of The Night/Harlem Shuffle/ Tumbling Dice/Miss You/Ruby Tuesday/Play With Fire/Dead Flowers/ Rock And A Hard Place/One Hit/Mixed Emotions/Honky Tonk Women/ Midnight Rambler/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Little Red Rooster/Before They Make Me Run/Happy/Paint It Black/2000 Light Years From Home/Sympathy For The Devil/Gimme Shelter/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/ Brown Sugar/Satisfaction/Jumping Jack Flash

rolling stones chronology september 9 east troy 1989

1994: Release of DAVE STEWART’s CD ‘Greetings From The Gutter’, with Mick on backing vocals on one track: ‘Jealousy’

rolling stones chronology september 9 dave stewart greetings from the gutter 1994

1994: Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
Not Fade Away/Tumbling Dice/You Got Me Rocking/Shattered/Rocks Off/ Sparks Will Fly/Satisfaction/Beast Of Burden/Out Of Tears/All Down The Line/I Go Wild/Miss You/Band introduction/Honky Tonk Women/Happy/ The Worst/Love Is Strong/Monkey Man/Street Fighting Man/Start Me Up/ It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Brown Sugar/Jumping Jack Flash

rolling stones chronology september 9 east lansing 1994

2002: Release of PETER WOLF’s CD ‘Sleepless’, with Mick on ‘Nothing But The Wheel’ (vocals and harmonica), and Keith on ‘Too Close Together’ (guitar and vocals)

rolling stones chronology september 9 peter wolf sleepless 2002

2003: The Point, Dublin, Ireland
Street Fighting Man/Start Me Up/If You Can’t Rock Me/Don’t Stop/Wild Horses/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Tumbling Dice/Band introduction/Slipping Away/Happy/Sympathy For The Devil/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/You Got Me Rocking/Paint It Black/Honky Tonk Women/Brown Sugar/Satisfaction/Jumping Jack Flash
(Ref. september 9)

rolling stones chronology september 9 the point dublin 2003

2008: Release of JOHN PHILLIPS’ CD ‘Pussycat’ (re-issue of the ‘Pack Pack & Follow’ album with extra tracks), with Mick, Keith, Mick Taylor and Ronnie as guests

rolling stones chronology september 9 john phillips pussycat 2008

2014: Release of Keith’s book GUS & ME: THE STORY OF MY GRANDAD AND MY FIRST GUITAR (co-authored with his daughter Theodora; includes narration and incidental music by Keith)
Keith, about ‘Gus & Me’ (2014): “My publishers first came up with this idea. They said, There’s certain chapters about your grandfather that could make a great children’s book. Children’s book? This is not my line (laughs)… And just about that same time my eldest daughter … she said, Guess what? And I know that look in a woman’s eyes. Don’t tell me you’re pregnant, which means fifth grandchild… The initial idea did come from the publishers, so you know, Maybe Keith can sell a few more books. That’s their business after all. Nine times out of 10 I would have said forget about it. I’m not going there. But because of the circumstances and having another grandchild, everything was sort of falling into place. I said, Damn it. Go for it.”

rolling stones chronology september 9 keith richards book gus & me

September 9, 2017: Stadtpark Festwiese, Hamburg, Germany
Sympathy For The Devil/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Tumbling Dice/Out Of Control/Just Your Fool/Ride ‘Em On Down/Play With Fire/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Dancing With Mr. D/Under My Thumb/Paint It Black/Honky Tonk Women/Band introduction/Slipping Away/Happy/Midnight Rambler/Miss You/Street Fighting Man/Start Me Up/Brown Sugar/Satisfaction/Gimme Shelter/Jumping Jack Flash

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